Alex S. Evers, MD

SmartTots Steering Committee, Member Scientific Advisory Board, Co-Chair
Alex S. Evers, MD

Alex S. Evers, MD

Washington University in St. Louis

Scientific Profile

Areas of Specialty: Dr. Evers is a practicing anesthesiologist with board certifications in anesthesiology and internal medicine.

Clinical Care and Research Activities: In addition to leading the Department of Anesthesiology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Evers is a practicing anesthesiologist recognized by Best Doctors, Inc. as one of the best doctors in America. As a researcher, Dr. Evers is interested in clarifying the molecular mechanisms through which anesthetics depress nervous system function. He is interested particularly in identifying the target molecules with which anesthetics interact, and characterizing these interactions. To support this research, Dr. Evers and colleagues have developed a photo-labeling technique, which allows them to identify the specific parts of proteins that interact with anesthetic drugs. The ultimate goal of this research is to classify the binding sites responsible for the production of anesthesia.

Dr. Evers is an active member of the International Anesthesia Research Society’s (IARS) Board of Trustees, and has been instrumental in the conceptual development of SmartTots since its formation in 2008. Dr. Evers exudes the scientific caliber and dedication to patient safety necessary to co-chair the SmartTots Scientific Advisory Board.


Steering Committee, Member Scientific Advisory Board, Co-Chair

International Anesthesia Research Society

Executive Committee, Chair-Elect
Board of Trustees, Member

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Henry E. Mallinckrodt Professor, Anesthesiology
Head, Department of Anesthesiology
Professor, Internal Medicine
Professor, Developmental Biology


New York University Medical Center – MD (1978)


Pharmacology Fellowship, Washington University School of Medicine (1986)
Surgical Intensive Care Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital (1983)
Anesthesia Residency, Massachusetts General Hospital (1982)
Internal Medicine Residency, Michael Resse Hospital (1981)

Professional Affiliations

  • International Anesthesia Research Society

Honors and Achievements

  • Best Doctors in America, Best Doctors, Inc (2008-2010)

Selected Publications

Avidan MS, Xiong, C, Evers AS. Postoperative cognitive decline: the unsubstantiated phenotype. Anesthesiology 2010;113(5):1246-8.

Akk G, Covey DF, Evers AS, Mennerick S, Zorumski CF, Steinbach JH. Kinetic and structural determinants for GABA-A receptor potentiation by neuroactive steroids. Curr Neuropharmacol 2010;8(1):18-25.

Kertai MD, Pal N, Palanca BJ, Lin N, Searleman SA, Zhang L, Burnside BA, Finkel KJ, Avidan MS, B-Unaware Study Group. Association of perioperative risk factors and cumulative duration of low bispectral index with intermediate-term mortality after cardiac surgery in the B-Unaware Trial. Anesthesiology 2010;112(5):1116-27.

Brambrink AM, Evers AS, Avidan MS, Farber NB, Smith DJ, Zhang X, Dissen GA, Creeley CE, Olney JW. Isoflurane-induced neuroapoptosis in the neonatal rhesus macaque brain. Anesthesiology 2010;112(4)834-41.

Avidan MS, Searleman AC, Storandt M, Barnett K, Vannucci A, Saager L, Xiong C, Grant EA, Kaiser D, Morris JC, Evers AS. Long-term cognitive decline in older subjects was not attributable to noncardiac surgery or major illness.Anesthesiology 2009;111(5):964-70.

Akk G, Covey DF, Evers AS, Steinbach JH, Zorumski CF, Mennerick S. The influence of the membrane on neurosteroid actions at GABA(A) receptors.Psychoneuroendocrinology 2009 Dec;34 Suppl 1:S59-66.

Cattano D, Williamson P, Fukui K, Avidan M, Evers AS, Olney JW, Young C.Potential of xenon to induce or to protect against neuroapoptosis in the developing mouse brain. Can J Anaesth 2008;55(7):429-36.

Evers AS, Miller RD. Can we get there if we don’t know where we’re going?Anesthesiology 2007;106(4):651-2.