December 2011

SmartTots-Related Research Articles

Nociceptive Stimuli Enhance Anesthetic-Induced Neuroapoptosis in the Rat Developing Brain

Anesthetic-induced neurodegeneration in the developing brain has been well documented. However, the experiments carried out so far do not include surgical conditions. This proof of concept study was designed to investigate the impact of nociceptive stimuli on anesthetic induced neuroapoptosis in the rat developing brain. Read more.

Repeated Administration of Propofol Upregulated the Expression of c-Fos and Cleaved-Caspase-3 Proteins in the Developing Mouse Brain

This study was designed to analyze the relationship between the expression of c-Fos protein and apoptosis in the hippocampus following propofol administration in infant mice. No adequate evaluations have been available as to whether the dosage of propofol to maintain anesthesia could trigger the expression of c-Fos and apoptosis. Read more.

Transient Effects of Anesthetics on Dendritic Spines and Filopodia in the Living Mouse Cortex

Anesthetics are widely used to induce unconsciousness, pain relief, and immobility during surgery. It remains unclear whether the use of anesthetics has significant and long-lasting effects on synapse development and plasticity in the brain. To address this question, the authors examined the formation and elimination of dendritic spines, postsynaptic sites of excitatory synapses, in the developing mouse cortex during and after anesthetic exposure.Read more.

Ketamine and Propofol in Combination Induce Neuroapoptosis and Down-Regulate the Expression of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Glutamate Receptor NR2B Subunit in Rat Forebrain Culture

Ketamine has always been used in combination with propofol in pediatric patients. This study aimed to investigate whether ketamine or ketamine in combination with propofol induces apoptosis and regulates the expression level of NMDA receptor NR2B subunit in rat forebrain culture. Read more.

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EURO-NEURO 2012: 7th International Update on Interdisciplinary Neuroscience

February 16-18, 2012
Vienna, Austria

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World Congress of Anesthesiologists

March 25-30, 2012
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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• Mechanisms of Perioperative Neurotoxicity
• Perioperative Cognitive Dysfunction

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