March 2012

Current Research

Delayed environmental enrichment reverses sevoflurane-induced memory impairment

Anesthesia given to immature rodents causes cognitive decline, raising the possibility that the same might be true for millions of children undergoing surgical procedures under general anesthesia each year. The authors tested the hypothesis that anesthesia-induced cognitive decline in rats is treatable. Read more

Neurotoxicity and the need for anesthesia in the newborn: Does the emperor have no clothes?

In 2011 nearly half the pediatric papers in Anesthesiology were related to neurotoxicity of general anesthetics to the developing brain. There is continued debate about the clinical relevance of the animal data, and the interpretation of human cohort studies. As we slowly unravel the question of whether or not general anesthetics cause any clinically significant effect on brain development, we should perhaps address some wider-related issues that sometimes go unsaid. Read more

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder after early exposure to procedures requiring general anesthesia

Authors study the association between exposure to procedures performed under general anesthesia before age 2 years and development of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Read more

Effect of general anesthetics on the developing brain

Studies on rodents and subhuman primates suggest that prolonged exposure to general anesthetics may induce widespread neuronal cell death and neurological sequelae, seriously questioning the safety of pediatric anesthesia. This review presents recent developments in this rapidly emerging field. Read more

Upcoming Events

World Congress of Anesthesiologists

March 25-30, 2012,
 Buenos Aires, Argentina
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• Mechanisms of Perioperative Neurotoxicity
• Perioperative Cognitive Dysfunction

International Anesthesia Research Society 2012 Annual Meeting

May 18-21, 2012, Boston, Massachusetts
Related Sessions

• Pediatric Anesthesia Neurotoxicity
• Pediatric Anesthesia: Little People with Lots of Problems!
• Developmental Neurotoxicity: Are the Narcotics Safe?

Euroanesthesia 2012

June 9-12, 2012, Paris, France
Related Sessions

• General Anesthesia and the Developing Brain: Is Anything Safe?

Party with a Purpose!

Join your colleagues on Sunday, May 20th as we “Party with a Purpose” at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Boston. This fundraising dinner will help raise awareness of, and funds for, anesthesia research. This exciting event includes a hosted bar (beer/wine), dinner/dessert, live music/dancing as well as an auction featuring stays in Las Vegas and Aruba! Black tie optional. Tickets are $100 each. Visit the event webpage for more information and to purchase your ticket today (advertising and sponsorship opportunities also available).