November 2011

Recent SmartTots-Related Research Articles

Anesthetic Neurotoxicity: A Difficult Dragon to Slay

It has become difficult to open an anesthesiology journal without seeing an article about anesthetic neurotoxicity. Most of the work has been done in animals and suggests that harm can come to the developing brain when it is exposed to a broad array of commonly used anesthetic and sedative agents. The critical question, of course, is, does it happen in children? Read more.

The Role of Calcium Dysregulation in Anesthetic-Mediated Neurotoxicity

Increasing evidence suggests that general anesthetics, either volatile or IV, can induce cell death by apoptosis in a concentration- and time-dependent manner in different types of cells, including neurons, in various animal models. Read more.

Anesthetics and Sedatives: Toxic or Protective for the Developing Brain?

Despite our insufficient understanding of the exact molecular mechanisms of general anesthetics and sedatives, every year millions of children are treated with these drugs in a seemingly safe manner. However, increasing evidence particularly from animal studies has suggested the possibility for deleterious effects in pediatric patients. Read more.

Anesthetic-Related Neurotoxicity and the Developing Brain: Shall We Change Practice?

Accumulating experimental evidence together with recent epidemiologic observations suggest that general anesthetics might exert undesirable effects on the immature nervous system. The goal of this review is to highlight basic science issues as well as to critically present experimental data and clinical observations relevant to this possibility. Read more.

News and Events

SmartTots Featured in Anesthesia & Analgesia

The November issue of Anesthesia & Analgesia, now in circulation, highlights current research related to pediatric anesthesia neurotoxicity and the SmartTots research effort. This issue features eight articles, including an editorial from SmartTots Steering Committee Co-Chairs Drs. James Ramsay and Bob Rappaport. Read now.

European Society of Anesthesiologists Establishes European Task Force

SmartTots affiliate, the European Society of Anesthesiologists, is recruiting individuals to serve on their Euro-SmartTots Task Force. Euro-SmartTots is designed to further SmartTots research and fundraising efforts in Europe. Learn more.

World Congress of Anaesthesiologists

March 25-30, 2012
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Panel Alert: Mechanisms of Perioperative Neurotoxicity

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