An important aspect of any research endeavor is engaging various stakeholders to work toward the common goal of pushing knowledge forward about the question at hand. Research into pediatric anesthetic neurotoxicity could benefit greatly from interventions designed to improve the efforts and dedication of government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, research communities, and most importantly, patients. The Pediatric Anesthesia Neurodevelopment Assessment (PANDA) symposium is a biennial meeting where updates in research in the field are presented, and issues relevant to the community are discussed in round table discussions. Here, we summarize a discussion that took place at the 2018 meeting regarding new methods of engaging various stakeholders, as well as perspectives from other stakeholders. Topics discussed included an online portal to better reach patients, experiences with a public-private partnership, steps by the National Institutes of Health to improve engagement with research and improve the dissemination of results, and the experiences of the United States Food and Drug Administration attempting to improve stakeholder engagement following the passage of a new law to promote drug development. The round table discussion provided interesting insights into a critical research topic, and shared first-hand experience of attempts to improve engagement with a variety of stakeholders.

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