IARS 2017 Annual Meeting and International Science Symposium

Panel Session

Sunday, May 7  7:30 – 9:30 AM, EST

The Neuroscience of Brain Development:

Opportunities and Alternative Perspectives for Pediatric Anesthesia Research

Introduction – Santhanam Suresh, MD
Moderator & Panelist: Patrick L. Purdon, PhD
Panelists: Takao K. Hensch, PhD, Laura Cornelissen, PhD, Jeffrey Sall, PhD, MD

This session will describe age-dependent changes in anesthesia-induced brain activity in children and how this activity likely relates to the development of underlying brain circuits.  The session will also discuss how anesthesia-induced brain activity differs in infants, and how the rapid changes in this activity likely relate to early childhood development.

Onsite Location: Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel, Constitution B.

On the web: LIVESTREAM