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Title: Neonatally sevoflurane-exposed and unexposed male rat cagemates affect each other’s neurodevelopmental phenotypes
Presenting author: Lingsha Ju
Additional Authors: Anatoly Martynyuk, Timothy Morey, Nikolaus Gravenstein, Barry Setlow, Christoph Seubert, Terrie Vasilopoulos
Live on site: Saturday, 4/15/23, 3:00PM MDT

Title: Alterations in Amygdala Functional Connectivity in Juvenile Non-Human Primates 2 Years after Anesthesia Exposure during Infancy.
Presenting author: Viola Neudecker
Additional Authors: Jose Perez-Zhogbi, Oscar Miranda-Dominguez, Katie Schenning, Lauren Martin, Gregory Dissen, Damien Fair
Live on site: Saturday, 4/15/23, 11:00AM MDT

Title: Isoflurane inhibits synaptic calcium reuptake in mouse neurons in an ATP-dependent manner.
Presenting Author: Sangwook Jung
Additional Authors: Phil Morgan, Beatrice Predoi, Jan-Marino Ramirez, Margaret Sedensky
Live on site: Saturday, 4/15/23, 11:00AM MDT

Title: Behavioral and neuropsychological outcomes in children after exposure to labor epidural analgesia
Presenting Author: Oliver Isik
Additional Authors: Shaqif Junaid, Ling Guo, Deven Lackraj, Ruth Landau, Caleb Miles, Craig Pennell, Britta von Ungern Sternberg, Andrew Whitehouse, Guohua Li, Caleb Ing
Live on site: Saturday, 4/15/23, 11:00AM MDT