August 2011

Translating the animal data

Following the FDA’s Advisory Committee Meeting in March, our Scientific Advisory Board acknowledged insufficient data available to determine whether anesthetics induce neurotoxicity in the developing human brain. We are dedicating our initial research investigations to elucidating whether a clinical signal exists. See our key research questions.

Data links anesthesia & learning disabilities

Infants and very young children exposed to anesthesia may experience higher rates of learning disabilities and cognitive difficulties than children who are not exposed to anesthesia according to research and emerging data presented on May 23, during our Pediatric Anesthesia Neurotoxicity panel at the IARS annual meeting in Vancouver, B.C. Read more.

Fundraising campaign in motion

The International Anesthesia Research Society just donated $200,000 and Dr. Mike Roizen committed an annual $50,000 challenge grant, launching our first fundraising campaign. 100% of all individual donations will be directly allocated to research. Will you donate today, and help us achieve Dr. Roizen’s challenge?

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