Neurotoxicity of anaesthetics have become one of the most discussed problems in paediatric anaesthesiology. The experimental studies on animal models have shown that the anaesthetics used in general anaesthesia should have an influence on neurodegenerative processes, neuroapoptosis and irregulated death of the neuronal cells.Because of this fact, scientists are trying to discover the possibilities of how to minimize the adverse effects of anaesthesia and revise the other alternatives of prevention of anaesthesia-induced maladaptive behavioural disorders (Tab. 1, Fig. 1, Ref. 21). Keywords: neurotoxicity of anaesthetics, maladaptive behavioural disorders, mechanism of neurotoxicity, post-anaesthetic behavioural changes in children, future of paediatric anaesthesiology.

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Petrikova, Saniova, & Job.
Bratislava Medical Journal April 2022