Evidence suggests multiple anesthetics in early childhood may increase risk for neurodevelopmental injury. We evaluated proportions of children undergoing circumcision and myringotomy, concomitantly with or prior to circumcision, and compared costs between groups. The Pediatric Health Information System was queried for males aged 6 to 36 months who underwent circumcision in 2009-2014. Relative to circumcision, the proportion who underwent myringotomy previously, concomitantly, or both, was calculated. Of 29 ‚ÄČ789 patients who underwent circumcision, 822 also underwent myringotomy; 342 (41.6%) underwent myringotomy on a previous day, and 480 (58.4%) underwent myringotomy at time of circumcision. Total hospital costs were lower for concomitant procedures (median $2994 vs $4609, P < .001. In total, 58.4% of patients who underwent circumcision and myringotomy did so concomitantly. Combined procedures resulted in significantly reduced costs and potentially minimized neurocognitive risk. Ideally, both referring pediatricians and surgical specialists should inquire about other surgical needs to optimize the availability of concomitant procedures.

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