Ramsay JG, Roizen M, Davidson A
Paediatr Anaesth. 2012 Oct;22(10):969-72.


A history of the public–private partnership ‘SmartTots’ between the IARS and FDA is presented. In order to raise money for research to better understand the relationship between sedative and anesthetic agents and neurotoxicity in the developing brain, the FDA approached the IARS in 2008. A partnership was developed over the following 2 years, then a Scientific Advisory Board was created to develop a research agenda. The IARS contributed $200 000 in 2011 to provide initial funding; 33 proposals were submitted in response to a request for proposals in late 2011 and resulted in the awarding of two, $100 000 grants in 2012. An Executive Board was appointed under the leadership of Michael Roizen to spearhead additional fund-raising efforts, and a director of development is working with Dr. Roizen and the Board to raise funds from individuals and organizations. Dr. Roizen has personally committed to a matching grant for anesthesiologists, up to $50 000 per year for 20 years ($1 million).

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