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SmartTots: Building Community and Advocating for Important Research

SmartTots pediatric anesthetic neurotoxicity thought leaders discuss the current status of the field and provide insights into the future of the research. View on YouTube.

Pediatric Anesthetic Neurotoxicity: Finding Ways to Move Forward

Pediatric anesthetic neurotoxicity investigators discuss the state of the research and identify compelling ways to move the field forward. View on YouTube

Pediatric Anesthetic Neurotoxicity: Designing the Proper Study

Pediatric anesthetic neurotoxicity thought leaders ponder the feasibility of designing and conducting studies that successfully isolate the effects of anesthetics from the effects of the procedure or patient’s underlying condition. View on YouTube

Pediatric Anesthetic Neurotoxicity: The Pre-Clinical Journey

Pediatric anesthetic neurotoxicity researchers discuss how pre-clinical studies are providing insight into the mechanisms of neurotoxicity, and the impact on the future of clinical studies. View on YouTube

Panda Symposium

SmartTots – Perspectives from the Front Lines

Millions of children undergo surgery annually. Recent studies suggest there may be reason for concern. This video, featuring Dr. Dean Andropoulos, Dr. Peter Davis, and Dr. Caleb Ing, provides a summary as to why research is needed and the type that is needed.

European Statement re: the FDA statement on neurotox

The European anesthesiology societies have developed and published a consensus statement in response to the December FDA warning.  Copies of the statement and related European Journal of Anesthesiology editorial are attached for your information. Use of anaesthetics...

SmartTots Panel at the IARS 2017 Annual Meeting!

SmartTots Panel at the IARS 2017 Annual Meeting!

IARS 2017 Annual Meeting and International Science Symposium Panel Session Sunday, May 7  7:30 - 9:30 AM, EST The Neuroscience of Brain Development: Opportunities and Alternative Perspectives for Pediatric Anesthesia Research Introduction - Santhanam Suresh, MD...

Physician Groups Respond to FDA Safety Communication

On Wednesday, December 14, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a Drug Safety Communication warning that; "repeated or lengthy use of general anesthetic or sedation drugs during surgeries or procedures in children younger than three years of...